Bumi Putera: The Definition and Overview

Bumi Putera, which literally translates to “son of the land” in English, is a term that represents the native people of Indonesia. This term is often used to refer to the indigenous population of the country who have lived in Indonesia for generations and have a deep connection to the land.

The Rich History of Bumi Putera

The history of Bumi Putera can be traced back to the pre-colonial era of Indonesia. At that time, the country was divided into many small kingdoms, each with its own culture and traditions. However, the arrival of the Dutch in the 17th century led to the colonization of Indonesia, which resulted in the suppression of the local culture and traditions.

Despite the Dutch colonization, the Bumi Putera remained resilient and continued to practice their culture and traditions in secret. It was only after Indonesia gained independence in 1945 that the Bumi Putera were able to openly celebrate their culture and traditions once again.

The Culture and Traditions of Bumi Putera

The Bumi Putera have a rich and diverse culture that is influenced by their religion, which is a mix of Hinduism, Buddhism, and animism. They celebrate many festivals throughout the year, such as the harvest festival and the new year.

Their traditional clothing is also unique and colorful, with intricate patterns and designs. The Bumi Putera are also known for their traditional music, which includes the gamelan and angklung.

The Challenges Faced by Bumi Putera Today

Despite their rich culture and traditions, the Bumi Putera face many challenges today. One of the biggest challenges is their struggle for land rights. Many Bumi Putera communities have lost their land to large corporations and the government, causing them to lose their connection to the land and their way of life.

Another challenge faced by the Bumi Putera is discrimination and marginalization. They are often discriminated against and excluded from mainstream society, which makes it difficult for them to access education, healthcare, and other basic services.

The Importance of Preserving Bumi Putera Culture

The Bumi Putera culture is an important part of Indonesia’s history and identity. It is a reminder of the country’s rich and diverse cultural heritage. Preserving the Bumi Putera culture is not only important for the Bumi Putera themselves but also for future generations of Indonesians.

It is important for the Indonesian government to recognize the importance of Bumi Putera culture and to take steps to protect and preserve it. This includes ensuring that Bumi Putera communities have access to land rights, education, healthcare, and other basic services.


Bumi Putera is more than just a term; it is a representation of the indigenous people of Indonesia and their rich and diverse culture. The challenges faced by the Bumi Putera today highlight the importance of preserving their culture and ensuring that their rights are protected. By doing so, we can ensure that the Bumi Putera culture continues to thrive and is passed down to future generations of Indonesians.

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